Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bike Rides

We've been taking Jack on bicycle rides this summer too. Gives us some exercise and family time all in one! Here are a couple of pictures of Jack in his bike trailer. In August we took him on the Roun'da Manure Bicycle Tour in Sharon, WI. We rode 21 miles! Jack did pretty good, he took a nap during the first half and ate some bananas the second half. Overall the ride was good, although a good stretch was into the wind and we had to pedal down hill (ugh). Next up is the Zoo Ride and then Mike and Rebecca are going to do the Tyranena Brewery Ride in October (Jack will be spending some time with his Grandma).

More funny faces!

Jack has been making some really funny faces these days! Some of them I'm sure, are due to the fact that he's getting more teeth (top teeth now). He chews on everything, not to mention the drool! In addition to two meals a day we have started "snacks." Sometimes we give him whole fruit in a mesh feeder (he looooooves bananas) or puffs which are those baby cheerios that melt in their mouths. Although a little ahead of schedule with the puffs, he is learning to use his fingers (advanced motor skills) to get them into his mouth. A lot of times the puffs get stuck to his hands and don't really make it into his mouth, other times he just holds his mouth open and whines till we put one in for him. It's pretty cute. He is sooooo close to crawling too, he just needs to coordinate front and back limbs, but boy can he get himself up high! If there's something to kick off of he can scoot around pretty well. Nothing like some frustrating tummy time for the little guy! Videos coming soon!!

Fests 2009

We've been having a great summer taking Jack to MANY fests. In reverse order: Zoo a la Cart, Irish Fest, German Fest (not pictured), Jazz in the Park (with his friend Lucy), Italian Fest, and Polish Fest. Jack loves being outside and smiling at other people. So much to see, so much to do!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wisconsin State Fair

We took Jack to the State Fair three times and he absolutely loved it! So much to look at! He had so much fun. See Jack as a potato, a sheep and a keg killer (in the microbrew tent). As you can tell he has become quite a ham! Mike and Jack are also posed in front of a shiny new Case tractor. Jack's Grandpa worked for Case for many years.

My First Brewery Tour

We took Jack on his first Brewery tour to Lakefront Brewery. It's really on the Milwaukee River though, not on the lakefront, but anyway, it's great beer. Jack enjoyed touching my sweating beer cup and attempted to try some beer! Not yet little boy, but someday! You can see him staring down my beer in the picture. The Lakefront Brewery acquired Bernie Brewer's chalet and beer mug. We might have to use this as our Christmas card!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My future's so bright...

...gotta love the monkey shades. Not to mention he seems to be hailing a cab! I couldn't resist posting this pic.

Jack's First Cousin

On April 4th, 2009 we became an Aunt and Uncle and Jack became a cousin to Lillian Claire Bark. Here are a few pics of LJ with his cousin.