Monday, November 23, 2009

10 months

Wow, I simply cannot believe how fast time flies! Jack is constantly babbling now, he can say, mama, dada, cat, dog and most recently Jack. He tries to repeat everything we say, although he knows he has limits as to what he can do, he watches our mouths with great interest. As we expose him to more and more food, we find he favors, peas, carrots, hot dogs, bananas and graham crackers. He is great with his sippy cup of juice. The only crawling he does, is "army crawl," but boy can he get anywhere!! He stands up and holds on to things all by himself and even surprises us after naps by standing in his crib!! He enjoys tickling of his belly, especially with Mike's head (see pic) and loves to scream at the top of his lungs!

Halloween Part 2

Notice the cute caterpillar? That's his cousin Lilly. We never could get them both to look at the camera at the same time....

Jack's First Halloween

Due to Jack's perfectly round head, we dressed him up as Charlie Brown for Halloween. We got a huge pumpkin, carved it Peanuts style and snapped away.
We also took him to his Uncle Tony's for trick-or-treating and then over to his Grandparents in costume.

Family Wedding

On October 24th, Mike's cousin Becky got married and we took Jack along. There were lots of babies there (including his cousin) and Jack was a trooper. He sat great in church (eating some puffs to pass time), ate his dinner well, went by anyone who wanted to hold him and made it till 9:30, by which point he was asleep in Mike's arms. We were quite happy with how well the day went. Here is a picture of the happy, dressed up family.

A few more...

... from the apple farm.

Apple Farm

In October, we went apple picking and to the pumpkin patch. Excellent Fall things to do, and while we've had a mild fall so far, it was chilly this day, in the low 40's. Jack was a happy camper riding on his daddy's back and hanging out in trees, but after a while he was ready for a nap. Not even a hug from his good friend Lucy could cheer him up! Later, Jack got to try caramel apple for the first time (yum!) and that cheered him up again. Enough for us to take a few pictures of him with all the pumpkins.


Over Labor Day we took a vacation to Wisconsin Dells. We stayed in a condo with another couple and their daughter. Overall the trip went fine, although with two babies, one of them is inevitably crying at any given time!! We went on the Ducks, went for a swim in the pool, did some outlet shopping, ate at some cool restaurants, and really enjoyed ourselves. We hope to do it again next year.

We've been away for a while!

As I was reading one of my friends blog today, I realized I've been ignoring my own for awhile and felt I should make a few posts to catch y'all up, in case you've been missing us! Here are a couple of pics from August. Jack loves swings and swimming pools! He wasn't sure what to make of either at first, then became extremely excited with both!